STEM Center's 2019 REU Site!

STEM Center's 2019 REU Site!

The STEM Center at SIUE offers opportunities for undergraduate students to participate in authentic research. One way we do that is by hosting a National Science Foundation (NSF) funded Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) site. This REU site allows undergraduates to engage in interdisciplinary archaeological and ecological research that explores evidence consistent with the onset of the Anthropocene in the Upper Mississippi River System. The REU students learn archaeological field techniques, zooarchaeological methods, and ecological field techniques including fish population monitoring through non-destructive sampling methods.

Students also learn research approaches that span the fields of archaeology and ecology such as stable isotope analysis and aging techniques of modern fish specimens. This REU site offers students a great way to apply what they learn in the classroom, while exploring new research topics and methods.

If you are interested in participating in the STEM Center’s REU site for the summer of 2019, check out our site’s homepage. We are now accepting applications for 2019. Not interested in archaeology or ecology, but still want to participate in research? The NSF funds REU sites throughout the United States and there are even some international sites! You can learn more about these opportunities at NSF’s REU website.

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