International Archaeology Day!

International Archaeology Day!

This Saturday, October 20th, marks International Archaeology Day.  Archaeology is the scientific pursuit of understanding how people in the past lived. Archaeologists employ the principles of many STEM fields to answer questions about how people in the past lived. From biology, chemistry, geology, engineering, technology, and physics, they are continuously using the scientific method to eliminate possible explanations that might explain what is recovered in the archaeological record.

If you want to explore archaeology and you live in the Edwardsville area, take a trip down to Cahokia Mounds State Park. Cahokia represents the largest North American, pre-contact civilization north of Mexico and is only a short drive from SIUE’s campus. Cahokia Mounds State Park has a great interpretative center to learn more about the people who lived in Illinois prior to European contact, as well as how scientists study the items that these people left behind.

2018 students Alex and Hunter identifying archaeological remains. Photo credit: Howard Ash.

If you are an undergraduate student and interested in learning more about archaeology, the STEM Center hosts an interdisciplinary archaeological and ecological paid summer research program. Students get to explore the archaeology of the region through excavations, learn about how past people fished in the Upper Mississippi River System, and conduct original research. We are now accepting applications for our 2019 summer program, so check it out! If you have additional questions, contact us at the STEM Center.

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