Explore Outdoor STEM Learning!

Explore Outdoor STEM Learning!

In this time of tight school budgets, taking students outside might seem like a logistical challenge, but research suggests it’s worth it! Fortunately, the STEM Center at SIUE can help! We have many items to help educators teach STEM in the field, including curricula and example lessons along with the necessary supplies. Our equipment ranges from nature field guides, to probes for studying environmental conditions, to soil sieves, nets, measuring devices of all kinds, and even field microscopes, binoculars, and telescopes. And, this equipment is available for you to loan, free of charge.

Pre-service teachers learning how to incorporate EarthCaching into their teaching practices with STEM Center instructor, Colin Wilson. Photo credited to Howard Ash.

Field learning doesn’t have to take place in some far off distant location. Projects can be done right on school grounds or nearby, giving learners a chance to experience familiar places in a new way. We hope you’ll stop by for a consultation. Let’s try to give all students an opportunities for authentic STEM field experiences.

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