Curriculum Now Online!

Curriculum Now Online!

Over the years, the SIUE STEM Center (and our former organization) developed a number of K-12 science curriculum series. This semester, we’ve been working to update our older curricula and to make them available on our website. We have successfully updated and posted two of our M.A.S.H. Kit curricula: the Five Senses and Get A Charge. Our M.A.S.H. Kits (M.A.S.H. stands for Math And Science Hands-on) were developed in the 1990s and designed to help teachers in southwest Illinois teach science content through a more experiential approach. Although they were developed over 20 years ago, the content is still relevant and the hands-on approach to science education still stands as a best practice.

The Five Senses Curriculum Kit helps students explore and learn how their five sense work individually and together to help them interact with the world. Designed for early elementary students, this curriculum has students smelling popcorn, feeling feathers, and tasting lifesavers to understand how each of their five senses work.

Get A Charge is designed for students in upper elementary and helps them learn more about friction and static electricity. They also get to experiment with the basic principles behind electricity and this science experimentation can get them excited about electronics and engineering.

If you are a teacher, please check out these two curricula. If you use them in your classroom, please let us know how they worked, or didn’t work, for you. Supplies for these curriculum kits are available at the STEM Resource Center (618-650-3065 or If you plan to check out materials for these kits, give us a call or send an email and we will have the materials ready for you!

The STEM Center would like to thank Jennifer Barnhart who helped update the graphics and overall appearance of these two curricula.