Earth Day 2020!

Earth Day 2020!

This week, on April 22, we celebrate the 50th annual Earth Day! Earth Day is a unified response to environmental crises in the world, and this years theme is “Climate Action”. To commemorate Earth Day and Climate Action, this week’s activities explore the wonders of Earth and what you can do to help protect and sustain our environment!

Online Videos: Use these links to educate and entertain!

From Trash To Soil: In this activity, learn how to build a worm composting bin. These compost bins can be constructed with mostly cheap supplies around the house with minimal tools, and they do a great job of created high quality compost relatively quickly. After building the bin, go on a hunt to find food appropriate to feed your worms.

Food Webs: Food webs are diagrams that show what organisms in an ecosystem eat. This shows the flow of energy, starting with plants then to the plant-eaters and finally predators. In this activity, you will create your own food web that reflects what’s going on in your backyard.

Biodiversity Barriers: Biodiversity is an important part of the global ecosystem but threats like habitat destruction, fragmentation, and edge effects reduce populations of sensitive species. In this activity you will create a model of a habitat that borders areas of human activity and figure out how to reduce human impacts.

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Image from by Lukas.