Learning about Insects

Learning about Insects

They’re everywhere! Insects are our neighbors just about everywhere on Earth and they’re pretty interesting neighbors. This week we’ll be looking at what makes an insect and what sort of lives they live. If you’ve ever wanted to practice being a bug or wanted to go on a safari in your backyard, then this is your chance!

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Insect SensesInsects view their world differently than we do, in part because of their unique sensory system.  In the following activity your child will pretend to be a bee or similar insect that uses antennae and compound eyes!

Make Your Own InsectInsects come in all shapes and sizes but they share a number of body structures. Students will learn these features and design an insect of their very own.

Observing InsectsInsects are an extremely common type of animal on the planet but they often go unnoticed. Students will take some time to appreciate insects and see what makes them so special, learning about how insects function.

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Photo by Michael Hodgins from Pexels