Learning about STEAM

Learning about STEAM

This week we’re taking a look at an approach to science topics rather than a specific topic. The theme this week is STEAM: Science, Technology, Art, Engineering, and Math.  Artistic expression is a powerful way to engage students in science. The activities we have today let you draw, paint, and tell stories while learning science concepts. From outer space to wild habitats and sidewalk art to composing music, we hope you have fun with our STEAM week!


Make an Alien – Animals have adaptations that allow them to succeed in their environment and get enough food to survive. Using some creativity and artistic skills, students will create an alien world and then invent creatures to fill it!

Design for Diversity – Kids explore what happens to plants and animals when habitats become fragmented: a process called habitat fragmentation. They will investigate possible solutions of habitat fragmentation and then design and build models that connect habitats and increase survival rates of species.

Exploding chalk paint – What’s more fun than decorating your walkways with chalk? Creating masterpieces and then making them fizz and foam, of course! In this activity you will use some basic kitchen items to create a chalk paint. For added chemistry fun, spray with a mild acid solution (like vinegar or citric acid) to create a fizzy reaction.

For additional resources, check out our new STEM @ Home page!

Feature Image Art by Eamon (5 years old) St. Louis, MO.