iNaturalist Activity and Fun Facts

iNaturalist Activity and Fun Facts

Today kicks off Y-CITYSCI’s week of iNaturalist activities! If you aren’t able to make it to the Beet Box stop this morning, you can find the activity sheet here.

Be sure to follow our Instagram account, @YCITYSCI, so that you don’t miss the rest of the activities and opportunities to win prizes. If you have any questions or want to respond to our challenge question, direct message us on Instagram! In the meantime, check out the interesting local wildlife facts below!

Happy wildlife identifying!

Local Wildlife Fun Facts

  1. Zebra mussels are an invasive species that invaded many lakes and rivers in the United States, including the Illinois River. 
  2. Illinois is home to approximately 200 different species of fish. 
  3. More than 400 species of bird have been reported in Illinois. An estimated 200 species of bird nest in Illinois. 
  4. Otters, coyotes, deer, beaver, and muskrats can be found along the Mississippi River recovering mussels. 
  5. Bluegill and sunfish are among the fish commonly found in Illinois lakes. 
  6. Wild Hydrangea plants are native and locally common in southern Illinois.
  7. Illinois has 13 native bat species.
  8. There are a number of invasive fish species in Illinois including: bighead carp, black carp, round goby, walking catfish, and snakehead. 
  9. There are a great deal of invasive plants found in Illinois. 
  10. White-tailed deer can be found throughout Illinois. 
  11. There are more than 120 fish that call the Mississippi River their home. 
  12. Corn earworms can be found eating and damaging farmers’ corn crops.
  13. The Mississippi river hosts two major types of algae: green and blue-green.
  14. Duckweed is an aquatic plant found in the Mississippi River that’s roots dangle in the water to suck up nutrients.
  15. Eastern cottontail rabbits and red foxes are among the many common Illinois mammals that you could see in your backyard.

Photo found on iNaturalist observation map. Posted by Owenkathriner on September 16, 2019 on SIUE’s campus.