Learning about Light

Learning about Light

Light is one of the first things babies are able to perceive, and it’s one of the most surprising and complex aspects of our universe! From the earliest writings of scientists, humans have wondered what light really is and how it works. This week, you can be part of that process with our activities and videos exploring light. Join us on this bright and exciting journey!

Online Videos: Use these links to educate and entertain!


Making a Ripple Tank: In this activity, kids make a ripple tank that serves as a model to demonstrate light waves. This simple, interactive model makes wave properties visible for kids. These properties are shown with water waves, but the properties are similar for light waves.

Optical Illusions: Everyone loves a good cartoon. How do drawings become animated? Before animators used computers to code movement, illustrators created hand-drawn images that used persistence of vision or flicker fusion. Give these optical illusion activities a try and see if you can create a thaumatrope and a Newton Disc!

Solar-Powered Cooker: Our sun is a source of electromagnetic, radiant energy. This energy can be harnessed for many applications from photosynthesis to electricity to solar heating. In this activity, students learn about solar energy and design a cylindrical solar cooker to test, evaluate, and improve.

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Featured image by LED Supermarket from Pexels