Learning about Heat and Energy

Learning about Heat and Energy

The weather may be cooling down, but STEM @ Home is not! This week, students can learn about heat and energy through a variety of activities, video content, and more! The applications of heat and energy are vast; this week’s activities range from sound waves to the growth and development of life to the ways we can cook food. Interested in learning more about energy- that is, the ability to do work? Keep up with STEM @ Home throughout the week!

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Make a Reflector Oven – Fall is a time for bonfires and roasting marshmallows! Create a reflector oven that uses radiant heat instead of direct heat to cook your food. Reflector ovens are designed to enclose your food on three sides to capture the heat and reflect the heat back onto your food. This oven uses energy in the form of heat from a fire, unlike the solar cooker we made a few weeks ago which uses energy from the sun.

Energy from the Sun – We eat food for energy. When we get hungry or don’t eat enough, we start to feel tired and weak. Plants don’t eat foods like we do, so how do they get their energy? In this activity, students will learn that plants get their energy from the sun.

Cup Telephone – Students will explore sound energy and transfer between different types of energy with this simple home game. Making a cup telephone is something a lot of people are familiar with but have you ever tried to figure out just how they work? Try to make the best possible design for a cup telephone and expand it in new and exciting ways!

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Featured image by Anas Hinde from Pexels