Learning about Magnetism

Learning about Magnetism

We have an attractive STEM @ Home for your students this week! This week’s activities involve magnetism. Students will observe how different media and viscosity affect magnetism, perform a tug of war between magnetism and the force of gravity, and improve upon their previous experiments in electromagnetism. You won’t be able to pull yourself away from STEM @ Home this week!

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Magnetics vs. Viscosity – You likely observe magnets at work daily. Generally, these magnets are working in the ambient air. Can a magnet still work through water, milk, or viscous (thick) liquids? That is to say, do these liquids interfere with magnetic fields? In this activity, the student will design an experiment that can answer that question! The student will begin with a hypothesis, design and experiment, collect data, and draw a conclusion.

Magnets vs. Gravity – Students will learn about magnetism and about its strength relative to another fundamental force that we feel all the time: gravity. Through experimenting, they can see how magnetism and gravity interact and better understand their world.

Stronger Electromagnets – Building off the earlier experiment of making your own electromagnets, here students see how to make stronger magnets with different design choices.

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