Learning about the Scientific Method

Learning about the Scientific Method

How do scientists know all these cool facts and how things work? They use the scientific method. Observation, experimentation, formulating and testing hypotheses, that is the scientific method! This week for STEM @ Home, students use the scientific method by thinking critically, testing their skills of observation, and experimenting with different techniques to improve a design! Have fun and remember the scientific method is a powerful tool to empower you with knowledge!

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Correlation NOT Causation: The amount of mozzarella cheese consumed in the United States is correlated to the number of Civil Engineering degrees awarded. Does that mean that the more string cheese you eat the more likely it is you will want a career building bridges and roads? Try this activity to learn more about correlation and causation!

What Does a Candle Look Like: Students will have chance to test their observation skills by drawing a lit candle. Observation is an important skill in science and needs to be practiced like any other skill.

Far Flying Variables: In this experiment students create a paper airplane and test to see what variables impact the distance their airplane can fly. Students control the type of paper, method of creation of the airplane, amount of force used in deployment, and the size of the airplane to create the farthest flying airplane.

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