Exploring Weather Patterns!

Exploring Weather Patterns!

Last year the STEM Center developed 40 weeks of at home science activities for parents and teachers. This year, we are revising these activities and reintroducing them. If there is a topic you are interested in, let us know and we can let you know when we will feature that topic. Or, we might add it to our list of new topics to explore!

This week’s activities celebrate the seasons by helping kids explore changing weather patterns! Set up your own personal at-home weather monitoring station and prepare to have an everyday learning activity while you social distance and learn more about the world.

Online Videos: Use these links to educate and entertain!

Temperature and Solar Stills: In this activity, students learn to track weather and outdoor temperatures. They’ll use this knowledge to learn about precipitation, condensation, and build a passive water purification system.

Under Pressure: In this activity, students learn about air pressure and how it affects the weather. Kids will make their own barometer, track air pressure data, and then forecast the weather by both reading weather charts and using their barometer. Kids also learn how clouds are formed and make clouds.

Measuring the Wind: In this activity, students build their own weathervane and a tool to measure wind speed, called an anemometer. Students also explore engineering design skills and add to their home weather monitoring station.

Feature image by Benjamin Grant on Unsplash