Peas enjoy learning about Genetics!

Peas enjoy learning about Genetics!

This week’s activities explore the fascinating study of inherited traits that affect us all, Genetics. If you thought you already knew everything about your family members by staying at home with them for weeks on end, guess again. After this week’s activities, you will know each other on a genetic level!

Online Videos: Use these links to educate and entertain!

Create a Creature: Animals have a set of characteristics that helps it survive and succeed in an environment. This set of characteristics is called adaptations and include traits like body parts, body coverings, and behaviors. In this activity, you will use some of your favorite snacks to create a creature with adaptations that helps it thrive and pass along its genetic code to the next generation in one of the environments described.

Genetics with RebopsIn this activity, students learn about the relationship between genes and inherited traits. Students learn how genetic information is passed from one generation to the next by creating pretend creatures called Rebops.

Genetics Week – DNA: In this activity, students extract DNA from cells in a form that they can see!

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Photo by Jean-Michel GARCIA on Unsplash