This week's STEM @ Home is Shocking!

This week's STEM @ Home is Shocking!

It’s easy to observe electricity in nature, particularly in the rolling thunderstorms the summer brings. Electricity and energy are present in less visible ways as well – in our bodies and in the circuits that control our lights. With this week’s STEM @ Home we are experimenting (safely) with electricity! Join us as we create circuits from recycled materials and our own drawings, and up your slime game with a charged goo that’s fun to play with!

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Recycled Circuits – Create a light up house or picture using materials you might find in your recycling bin! With help from an adult you can create a circuit using old holiday lights, tape, and AA batteries. Turn trash into treasure and learn a little about electric circuits!

Graphene Circuits – Electricity is something that most of us use and see daily, but it might seem like a mystery. Even more mysterious is how another everyday object, the graphite in pencils, can be used to create a circuit seemingly out of nothing! In this activity, students will draw circuits on a piece of paper.

Static experiment – Who doesn’t like a good slime to play with? This activity can help you charge up your slime play by using the power of static electricity to make your slime jump and dance. Just be careful to not slime your hair!

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Featured image by Hilary Halliwell from Pexels