Y-CITYSCI Summer Camp Schedule!

Y-CITYSCI Summer Camp Schedule!

Today’s blog post is brought to you by Xander Kalna.

During Y-CITYSCI’s free summer camp (See our first post here!), participants will take part in a variety of fun and educational activities designed to drive student curiosity and research. This free camp will be held in Madison, IL on Monday through Friday, from July 6th to July 16th from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. During this time, participants will be provided a free breakfast, snack, and lunch as well as transportation to SIUE on Fridays to visit the campus.

Breakfast will begin everyday so participants can wake up, get excited, and socialize! Lunch at noon will end everyday at 1:00 p.m. On the first day, participants will meet the staff and other participants as well as learn about the program. Participants will be assigned to small research teams to work with for the duration of the program. Afterwards, participants will attend a Research Resource Showcase to meet scientists, explore scientific tools, and learn to use some environmental monitors and citizen science programs. To end the first day, participants will begin planning their project before lunch. 

Beginning the second day, participants will learn how to create research posters to communicate their findings to staff, other participants, and their families and communities. The remainder of the second day will be used to begin practicing scientific methods and collecting data for their research project. This data collection will continue onto the third day. To end the third day, participants will hear from a community guest speaker. On the fourth day, Friday, participants will visit SIUE to tour the campus and attend a nature walk and hands-on activity. On Friday, participants will receive a free shirt to wear on the last day of the camp!

The fifth day, Monday, will start with participants beginning to create their research posters and end with data collection. Data collecting will continue to the sixth day. On the sixth day, participants will also learn how to conduct online research on their topics and how to read scientific papers. On the seventh day, participants will begin their data analysis and learn about how to best represent and communicate their data to their audiences. The seventh day will end by the participants completing their research posters to be presented the following day. On the eighth day, participants will be practicing their presentations so they may present them to the staff, other participants, their family, and various other guests from the community. On the final day, Friday, participants will again visit SIUE with their Y-CITYSCI Summer Camp T-shirts to visit scientific labs, meet scientists, and perform some hands-on activities!