Dive into the Knowledge with this Week's STEM @ Home!

Dive into the Knowledge with this Week's STEM @ Home!

Dihydrogen monoxide? Sounds risky, are you sure at home activities using this chemical are safe? Well yes, of course there are! That’s H2O, more commonly referred to as water! This week for STEM @ Home, discover the chemical properties of water. These unique properties mean we can live! It also means fishes do not become popsicles in the winter, massive trees can get water to reach their tallest leaves, and nutrients travel throughout our body. For such a simple molecule, made of just two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom, there sure is a lot to learn about water. 

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Properties of WaterWater exhibits unique properties critical to life. These properties can be attributed to its polar nature and ability to form bonds. Throughout this activity you will see the various properties of water. Choose to do all three activities or select a few favorites!

Water Filtration – In this activity, kids learn how to make water safe and clean by making a water filter. The filter’s layers mimic those found in natural water cycles. This parallel both makes the filter work and helps kids understand how water is cleaned.

Saltwater Freezing and Boiling – Water is an amazing substance that regularly boils and freezes at temperatures that we can easily observe and recreate. However, saltwater has different properties than freshwater so adding salt to water changes how it behaves. Can you predict what will happen?

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Photo by Emiliano Arano from Pexels