The Forecast for this Week's STEM @ Home is...Cloudy!

The Forecast for this Week's STEM @ Home is...Cloudy!

Do you ever listen to the weather report, get ready for your day, and then find out that the weather you expected isn’t at all what you experience? Why is weather so hard to predict and how do scientists predict it? This week we’ll be learning all about weather patterns and learning to make our own predictions. You’ll know a little more context about the weather in your life and maybe you’ll be able to make your own, more accurate predictions to make sure you have your umbrella the next time you need it!

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Cloud Journal – Clouds significantly influence Earth’s climate and serve as a useful predictive tool for scientists including meteorologists, ecologists, astrophysicists, and more. This activity teaches students how to describe clouds and associate various weather conditions with the types of clouds observed.

Make a Cloud – Where do clouds come from? How do they form in the atmosphere? In this activity, students get the chance to create clouds and see the process firsthand. With a container of hot water, a source of cold temperatures, and observation skills, students can create the water cycle right on their kitchen table!

Ocean Currents – Explore the movement of water in our oceans using a baking dish, food colors, hot water, and ice cubes. The ocean has an interconnected current that is powered by the sun, rotation of the Earth, and differences in water density. In this experiment you will simulate ocean currents caused by temperature differences.

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Photo by Disha Sheta from Pexels