Get Ready for International Geocache Day!

Get Ready for International Geocache Day!

The STEM Center has been doing a lot with EarthCaching over the years and so we were happy to celebrate International GeoCache Day this this summer on August 18th.

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Started over a decade ago, geocaching involves following GPS coordinates to a hidden box (a cache) where you can exchange trinkets with other geocachers and sign your name to leave your mark. EarthCaching is similar but rather than finding a box you are led to a natural feature of the world around us: a striking rock formation, a stream that’s an excellent example of erosion, a beautiful collection of minerals, or something else compelling. Geocaching is a great use of technology for educators to connect with standards like the Earth & Space Science core ideas from the NGSS.

If you’ve been wanting to try this hobby out or if this is your first exposure to earthcaching, August 18th is a great opportunity to get involved. Lots of sites ( in particular) will be posting new geocaching challenges. Tie it into your classroom, go out with your kids, or try it yourself and see what geocaching is all about!

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