Earth Day!

Earth Day!

The STEM Center has many items available to you that can help you teach about and celebrate Earth Day. We have soil and water probes, which can be used to test the temperature, moisture, and salinity of the soils and water. Various globes are housed in the STEM Center. We have inflatable globes, but also dry-erase terrestrial globes! We also have a number of different field guides which can be used to learn about rocks and minerals, wildflowers, or trees and shrubs!

Another great resource is “My First Green Book: A life-size guide to caring for our environment”. This book has many experiments to learn about the environment, and it also provides activities to help you teach what to do with garbage, how to avoid creating unnecessary waste, how to make eco-friendly choices, and how to garden.

If you don’t have time to visit the STEM Center before Earth Day, there are many ways you can still incorporate learning about the Earth into your lessons. You can teach about gardening, and even start a classroom garden. You could also plant trees near your school and teach about the importance of trees to the overall health of our planet. You could also spread awareness on recycling, and describe the various ways students can bring recycling into their classrooms and homes.

Finally, there are some experiments you could do as a class. Project Learning Tree provides an activity for students so they can look for pollution. Students could also pick up trash around their school and neighborhood. With this activity, they can write down what they find and where or use the new app Litterati to log this and help prevent future littering. What other ways are you integrating Earth Day into your classrooms?

Happy Earth Day!