Learning about Eggs!

Learning about Eggs!

This week’s activities explore the wonders of eggs! Using eggs and household items, learn about diffusion, chemical concentrations, engineering, crystalline structures, and make bioplastics! After what feels like an eternity at home, spice up those eggs sitting in your fridge and learn along the way.

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Egg Shell Experimenting: In this activity, kids use eggshells to learn about how foods can affect your teeth. After emptying an egg of its contents without breaking it, kids test the strength of the eggshell, then use egg shells to grow crystals from cleaning supplies.

Protect Your Eggs: In this activity, kids develop ways to protect hard boiled eggs. Using items found around the kitchen, kids will design and build engineered devices to protect their eggs for an “egg drop.” Alternatively, they can build a bioplastic helmet to protect their eggs when they roll them down a ramp. After putting their engineered designs to the test, kids learn where their egg cracked by dyeing them.

Bioplastic Helmet for your Egg: In this activity, students will learn how to build a bioplastic helmet that they can use to protect their eggs. Students will then test out the effectiveness of that helmet when they roll their egg, with their bioplastic helmet, down a ramp. After putting their helmets to the test, students learn where their egg cracked by dyeing them.

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Feature Image by Erol Ahmed on Unsplash