Learn and Apply Healthy Living

Learn and Apply Healthy Living

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The more I learn about science and nature, the more I understand how to show my credibility as an environmental catalyst.  I am extremely fortunate to have traveled to more than a dozen cities across the world. When visiting a city, the first thing I notice is the cleanliness. The cleanliness of a city speaks not only to how beautiful it is but to its environmental safety.

Environmental safety includes practices, policies, and procedures that ensure the well-being and safety of anyone and anything in that area. As responsible citizens, our participation in keeping up our community’s environmental safety is extremely important. There are small things that can be done daily to contribute to keeping our community clean. For example, I personally find joy in being able to recycle all of my used paper, glass, aluminum, and plastic products. I also plant greenery around my home and workplace, drive a low emission car, and reduce my power usage by turning devices off when I am not using them. Some of these things you could also do at your own home or school.

A responsible citizen can help in keeping their community clean to promote community growth and environmental safety. The growth of a community relies on behavioral changes of the residents and policy makers. By choosing to recycle at home or school, you are doing your part to contribute to your community’s growth. You are also assisting your community in moving toward more efficient waste management systems that could further build the environmental safety of your community. The creation of a municipal waste management system, in which selective waste collection schemes are required, could create a more efficient way to properly recycle materials in your community. In turn, this could make your community even better! Not to mention, the environmental safety of your community would also increase.

Our actions greatly affect the community in which we live. With a positive attitude, we can bring many environmental changes to our community. Additional ways you can be environmentally conscious and help your community grow include: recycling, disposing of trash properly, turning off the water while you brush your teeth, unplugging your devices while you aren’t using them, planting a garden, and turning off the lights when they aren’t necessary. By working together, we can create a cleaner community that can result in a more environmentally safe world.

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