Learning about Waves

Learning about Waves

Waves are more than just things you can find at the beach. Lots of materials move in waves from water and light to sound and traffic! Waves have amplitude and patterns, repeating minimum and maximum values that show you how the material is moving. They also interact with interference, refraction, reflection, and other phenomena that are different from most objects in the world. Check out the activities and videos this week to learn more!

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Wave Reflection and Absorption – Waves are all around us in the form of light waves, radio waves, and sound waves to name a few. One wave that many of us are familiar with is energy waves that travel through water. In this activity, we are going to take a look at how waves behave by examining waves as they travel through water.

Crazy Refraction – Refraction is just as important as reflection, but it doesn’t always get the attention it deserves! Try out this demo and experiments to learn more about refraction and discover some of its effects firsthand.

Wine Glass Resonance – In another STEM @ Home activity, you had the opportunity to make musical
instruments out of recycled material. For this activity, you can become the maestro of the
kitchen using wine glasses and water. Learn a little about sound waves and resonance as you
try and match frequency and create music!

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Feature Image from Pixabay