The Historical Natural Environment

Last week, our YCITYSCI students reviewed everything we have learned about environmental science and how various types of pollution can impact our health. During the session, students reviewed the topics air, noise, and soil pollution and how human built environments can impact our health. When the session ended, a student asked to learn more about the human built environment. Our graduate research assistant, Xander, has provided an excellent film for students to watch to learn more about the change of the natural environment to the human built environment in the Midwest. An important part of learning how the human built environment can impact us, is knowing what has changed from the natural environment that humans used to live in. 

America’s Lost Landscape: The Tallgrass Prairie

Video link:

After watching the film, what are some ways our environment has changed from its natural state? Think about what you see outside your home and around where you live compared to what you saw in the film. How might these changes impact your health? Submit your answer by direct messaging our Instagram account at @YCITYSCI for the chance to win a prize and be featured on our page!