Have fun exploring these STEM Careers!

Have fun exploring these STEM Careers!

This week we are learning about STEM careers. Do you want to be an architect? A biologist? A computer programmer? An astronaut? These are examples of STEM-based careers. Science, engineering, education, medical, and technology careers require the skills learned through STEM. The activities this week have students explore what it is like to be a cartographer creating a digital map; an engineer designing a bridge; and a nutritionist planning a healthy, colorful, and tasty diet!

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Be a Digital Mapper! Digital mappers are people who use maps with data to study an area. Many people use digital maps daily from finding directions online to looking at population maps or even just seeing which parts of the Earth are land and which are water! In this activity, students will learn this process and make their own digital maps on paper.

Be an Engineer! Engineers often work to construct huge things like buildings and bridges, but these are just the most noticeable things engineers work on. The concepts of engineering can be applied to anything big and small, and they can work with any material! In this activity, students will build bridges out of paper and see that, with engineering, they can get them to hold some pretty impressive weights.

Be a Nutritionist! A nutritional counselor works with clients to achieve specific wellness goals. The overall foods we eat, our “diet”, greatly influences our physical and mental well-being. A balanced, nutrient-rich diet is a preventative form of medicine and nutritionists play a critical role in improving an individual’s health. Nutritionists study the chemical and biological properties of foods to understand how they react in our body. Using this knowledge, nutritionists can create a diet plan that incorporates healthy foods for a person to eat throughout the day.

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Images credited to Tom Fisk, Jovydas Pinkevicius, and Daria Shevtsova from pexels.com