Don't Be Obtuse! This Week's STEM @ Home is the Right Thing to Do!

Don't Be Obtuse! This Week's STEM @ Home is the Right Thing to Do!

What has three vertices and three edges and happens to be a simple, but mighty shape? Well, the answer is triangles! Triangles are a basic shape in geometry, but if you look around, you’ll probably see triangles all around you. From the height and shadow of a tree to the supports of massive bridges, triangles are everywhere! In this week’s STEM @ Home, learn more about the amazing properties of these three-sided shapes.

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Measuring Height with Triangles – Have you ever wanted to measure the height of something that is very tall? This is a handy trick
involving triangles that will make this daunting task into a simple and easy activity!

Observation Squares – In this activity students will learn how set up their own 1 by 1 meter square using triangles and the Pythagorean Theorem. Then, they will try their hand at making observations like a scientist!

3D Triangle Art – Candy corn may not be everyone’s favorite candy, but it is certainly shaped like the most loved shape in geometry! Use your noodle (or pretzel, or licorice, or candy cane) and experiment with making 3D sculptures using triangles! This activity will have you daring to build the largest triangle-based creation you can while ensuring stability and durability—at east until you eat it!

Photo by David Martin on Unsplash