Have You Heard? This Week's STEM @ Home Is All About Sound!

Have You Heard? This Week's STEM @ Home Is All About Sound!

BOOM! BONG! KNOCK! RING! Sounds are everywhere. Some sounds are loud, some are quiet, some are pleasant, and some are irritating or even dangerous. This week students will learn how to measure sound using a smart phone app, how different materials affect those measurements, how music produces pleasant sounds by creating perfect intervals, and how sound can negatively affect their environment.

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Reflection and Absorption – Sound waves are like other waves. They bounce off hard surfaces and can be absorbed by
other surfaces. In this experiment, students will test how to different surfaces reflect and absorb sound waves.

Straws and Notes – Even if you’re a musician you might not fully understand how the sounds that make up musical notes are created. On a piano you can count keys up and down, but why do some notes make chords that sound nice while others make chords that sound mismatched? In this activity you’ll see the physical relationship that makes up the aesthetic relationship of octaves and perfect fifths.

What’s That Noise? – Environmental pollutants are all around us. Pollutants are substances and/or energy that humans intentionally or unintentionally introduce into the environment that cause adverse effects on the environment. You are probably familiar with some pollutants like trash. One form of pollution that many of us are exposed to daily, but cannot see, is noise pollution. In this activity, students will examine noise pollution data by collecting data in their environment.