Welcome to Y-CITYSCI!

Welcome to Y-CITYSCI!

Welcome to the Youth-Led Citizen Science Network for Community Environmental Assessment (Y-CITYSCI) student program! During this semester, you will have the opportunity to lead and participate in a citizen science project and investigate issues in your community related to noise, soil, air, and land cover.

To learn more about the program check, check out our Welcome Video! You can also learn more about the Y-CITYSCI team on our blog. And, make sure to follow us on Instagram @ycitysci.

We are also conducting research about this project that will explore how you learn science. To do this, we need permission from you and your parents. You received a packet of forms that we hope you will review and sign with your parents. If you have more questions about these forms, please review this video and contact us at ycitysci@gmail.com with any questions. You can also watch a video explaining the forms here.


Week 1: Pollution, Noise Pollution, and Citizen Science (October 8)

The first activity will focus on noise pollution. We will learn how sound waves work and how sound waves can become noise pollution. For the first activity, you will need access to your ChromeBook, a smartphone, and your Research Journal. If you have a smartphone you can use, download the NIOSH app for iPhone or Android phones.

Ready for the program! Here’s the Zoom link (https://us02web.zoom.us/j/82394245258?pwd=ZkVETG5UU01UMEl0TEdqZXVWTmpaZz09).